The training at One-Eighty is largely designed to support and assist church members and ministers who sense the need to strengthen their effectiveness in helping those who suffer and/or falter in their church and neighborhood communities. It is our hope and vision to have a part in strengthening the church in Louisville by partnering with specific churches to provide biblical hope and change. All training utilizes instructors from within One-Eighty, but also draws from other capable biblical counseling speakers (men and women) with many years of experience.

We provide training that flows out of gospel truths, focuses on change from the heart out, and is intensely practical in its use of all the biblical elements of change. Attending the training helps any believer or counselor strengthen their reliance on the collaborative supernatural resources God has provided for change. Our classes deal very specifically with real life issues, offering the tools needed to understand their origin, impact and involvement in the counselee’s life. Attendees gain useful forms, diagrams and resources to give counselees.

One-Eighty training is a recognized training center for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

  • Our basic training covering the Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling is done in three-weekend modules, providing 30 hours of education over 30 introductory biblical counseling topics. This training is offered recurrently twice each year, (usually in the spring and fall) and satisfies the basic training course requirement for certification with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

    Topics include:

    • Origin and Purpose (Qualities of Biblical Counselor)
    • What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical
    • The Gospel and Its Importance in Counseling
    • Worship of the Heart
    • How to Grow and Change (Progressive Sanctification)
    • Pride and Humility
    • Key Elements – Data and Interpret; Involvement and Hope; Instruction and Homework
    • Guilt, Repentance and Faith
    • Worry and Fear
    • Trials and Suffering
    • Counseling those with Psychological Diagnosis
    • Counseling those with a Medical illness
    • Depression
    • Medical Q & A
    • Counseling those in Sexual Sin
    • Forgiveness
    • Origin and Purpose of Marriage
    • Role of Husband
    • Role of Wife
    • Biblical View of Sexuality
    • Parenting – Don’t Provoke
    • Parenting – Discipline
    • Parenting – Instruction
    • Communication
    • Conflict Resolution

  • For those who have already completed our basic training, we also offer advanced training in a single-weekend module, which provides 10 hours of continuing education on a variety of advanced biblical counseling topics taught by Dr. Stuart Scott and various instructors from around the country.

    In addition to 10 hours of biblical counseling courses, our advanced training offerings also include ACBC exam workshop weekends for individuals pursuing ACBC certification. Statistics have shown that many who desire to achieve ACBC certification get bogged down and/or discouraged when faced with the required two exams. Tackling these exams in a group has been proven, by far, to be the most enjoyable and efficient way to complete this requirement. During each workshop weekend, an instructor teaches through the ACBC Counseling and Theology exams in their entirety.

    Our advanced trainings offerings are held concurrent to our basic training weekends, but require a time commitment of only one weekend each and can be registered for in any combination.