Partner with Us

Our vision is to partner with churches to help strengthen their ability to provide biblical care to their people. We see ourselves as an ally for pastors and leaders, deeply desiring to help you in your work to care for your people. Dr. Stuart Scott and our ACBC-certified instructors have spent years studying God’s Word to glean how His gospel, character, wisdom, commands and promises apply to practical living in a real, experiential and transformative way. The help and hope are there right in His Word. We are passionate about teaching others how to apply it by the power of His Spirit so that His church can be strengthened from the inside out as His people minister to one another.

To pursue our vision, we need strategic partnering churches: churches who believe in our vision and are committed to building a body able to minister to itself from Scripture.

To be a partnering church:

  • core leadership must be united in the desire to pursue biblical counseling as your chief method of care within the church;
  • core leadership should be ready and eager to complete fundamentals training and hopefully, return for advanced for continuing education when able;
  • if logistically possible, the church should be willing to host our training periodically and promote attendance among membership.


We are thankful for churches fully committed to partnership, but are also eager to cultivate relationships with those who may have more questions and would like a chance to ask them. If you are a pastor or leader interested in learning more about what it might look like for your church to have a relationship with us, please contact us. We would love to arrange some time for you to meet with Dr. Scott.