Counseling and Inquiry Form (Santa Clarita, CA)


There are several expectations of our counseling, consideration of which should be done before requesting our care as One-Eighty counselors require the following commitments for all counseling provided. After you have considered the below requirements and are prepared to commit to them, you can request counseling through the form below. Please also note that while we are eager to provide counseling to those in need, there may be a wait as the need is great and we have a limited number of counselors.


We hope that everyone who seeks counsel will be able to obtain it regardless of his/her financial standing, but please understand that our ministry and counselors are dependent on the fees we charge to operate. Each hour-long counseling session is $100 ($155 for couples) and two-hour sessions are $150 ($210 for couples).

The first session is expected to be two hours long so that the appropriate information can be gathered. After each session, you will be invoiced for the time and can pay online. If in taking an honest look at your finances you are not able to pay this amount, we encourage you to ask your church, friends or family. Please keep in mind that biblical counseling is not meant to continue for months or years. In fact, a primary goal of biblical counseling is to help a person learn to counsel him/herself relying on biblical truths with guidance from the Holy Spirit.


  • I commit to be there on time and bring my Bible and something to take notes on
  • I commit to let the counselor know a day ahead if I cannot make it due to an emergency
  • I commit to do the homework assigned and if it is not completed let the counselor know a day ahead of time in order to possibly reschedule
  • I commit to pay before each appointment for the services rendered (1 Cor 9:13)
  • I commit to pay for any materials that may be required
  • I commit to have my church recommendation letter signed and returned before counseling begins.
  • I commit to give a week’s notice before terminating counseling, which I have the right to do at any time if I am not pleased with the services.
  • I commit to bring an advocate (preferably from my church) to every counseling session
  • I commit to alerting my church leaders that I am receiving counseling from One-Eighty
  • I commit to allowing a counselor-in-training to observe my counseling session


  • The counselor commits to pray and prepare for your visits
  • The counselor commits to help in every faithful way the Scripture allows
  • The counselor commits to notify you if an emergency arises and he/she can’t make it
  • The counselor commits to take this meeting time, your life and issues very seriously
  • The counselor has the right to terminate counseling if there are repeated cancellations, repeated failures to complete homework assignments, or if there is a general lack of initiative or willingness to make progress
  • The counselor commits to a biblically limited confidentially (discussed in detail on our confidentiality waiver)
  • The counselor commits to use sessions as a training ground for other observing counselors