Counseling provided by One-Eighty is intended to serve the dual purpose of training. While we delight in providing biblical soul-care for those who are unable to procure it in their own churches, our counseling aligns purposefully with our vision: to strengthen the church’s ability to provide this soul-care to its people. Consequently, all counseling done by One-Eighty is done with the knowledge and permission of the counselee’s pastor as well as the involvement of an advocate from the counselee’s church and often, a counselor-in-training observing the session. Our hope is that through the provision of our counseling the counselee is helped to grow and change toward Christlikeness but also, more of God’s people can be equipped to provide biblical soul-care for His Kingdom; both through pursuit of formal ACBC certification (observers) and also, as lay people (advocates) are equipped to better disciple others biblically.

To find more information about receiving counseling from us, read our “Guidelines”.