Ministry Ventures Certified

One-Eighty Counseling and Education has been certified by the Ministry Ventures Ministry Mastery® program. The Ministry Mastery® program equips non-profits to build a strong foundation through the learning and application of 5 Best Practices, positioning these ministries to achieve greater impact and growth for God’s Kingdom. Over the course of a year our leaders completed the intensive executive group 02. Certification-Seal_2014-2015leadership coaching with a community of mentors and peers on the following Best Practices: Ministry Model, Fundraising, Administration, Prayer and Board Development.

We are proud of our work with Ministry Ventures. Learn more about their ministry.



VISION: Strengthening the local church’s ability to provide biblical soul-care to its people.


Providing Scripture-based discipleship counseling training through seminars, counseling services and practical, life-changing resources.


• Submission to the authority of Christ and his Word •

• Love for the local church •

• Passion for the power of God’s Word to transform lives •