One-Eighty Counseling and Education consists of counselors, instructors, contracted staff and volunteers who provide counseling, counseling training and helpful resources for church members, counselors and leaders. We are passionate about God’s program, the local church, and the power of God’s Word to transform lives.

For years, Executive Director, Dr. Stuart Scott, has been encouraged to provide counseling training locally and consistently to lay leaders and members. In the summer of 2013, Dr. Scott’s burden came together with vision, development and administrative help from like-minded friends and One-Eighty was born.

The phrase 180° communicates a change in direction – a complete, intentional turn of course in desires, thinking, and behavior. One-Eighty Counseling and Education draws our name from this concept because we believe that a true and lasting 180° change in a person’s life is possible. We believe this sort of redemptive transformation is possible only through the movement of God that comes through redemption in Christ and the resources he has provided; the power of the Holy Spirit, the Word, a community of believers (the church), and often, a trusted and knowledgeable counselor who is willing and able to come alongside the hurting.

VISION: Strengthening the local church’s ability to provide biblical soul-care to its people.


Providing Scripture-based discipleship counseling training through seminars, counseling services and practical, life-changing resources.


• Submission to the authority of Christ and his Word •

• Love for the local church •

• Passion for the power of God’s Word to transform lives •